How To Market a Luxury Brand in 2022

Tips that Work Every Time

Are you looking to scale your luxury brand? Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to invest in your marketing strategy and prepare for growth? Here are our top tips on how to market a luxury brand in 2022.

Luxury brands are under more pressure than ever before to capture the hearts and minds of their audience. As a luxury brand, you might think you’re fighting an uphill battle. With the post-COVID financial crisis heating up, people aren’t ready to spend as much money online as they were in 2020. Perhaps you’re struggling with fewer opportunities to connect with customers in a post-pandemic world. This means one thing and one thing only—solid marketing is crucial to surviving in the luxury landscape following COVID.

Brands with a solid plan for how to execute their luxury marketing strategy can make a significant impact on their target audience, improving their chances of repeat sales. While many luxury brands have unique strategies for marketing, and you should develop a niche for your own brand, there are a handful of solutions that can be applied market-wide. 

Here are the strategies you should always consider when selling luxury products:

1.    Engaging Social Platforms 

Gucci's luxury brand marketing uses celebrities and influencers often

Every luxury fashion, automotive, or beauty brand needs its own website for showcasing its high-end products – but that shouldn’t be the end of your digital presence. When trying to get a feel for your company, customers will look at social media to learn about your products.

Visual social media channels are one of the best mediums for capturing the aspirational emotions of your target audience and connecting with them on a more personal level. Videos that demonstrate the quality of your products will immediately capture customers’ attention when they’re scrolling through their news feed. Customers also like the feeling of being part of an exclusive club when shopping for luxury. Do your best to create this community online. 

To get the most out of your social networks, remember to experiment with a range of strategies. For instance, you can work with influencers to show your luxury goods in action and connect your brand’s names to well-known people. Behind-the-scenes content and exclusive Q&A videos can also make you seem more sophisticated and professional.

2.    Build the Right Website for Your Brand

Dior's website shows from the front page that they are a luxury brand that understands marketing

As mentioned above, your website is a key element of your luxury brand image. The right website should be tailor-made to attract as much of the right customer traffic as possible. To improve your chances of finding the right customers, make sure you target consumers on the Google search engines with a specific selection of keywords.

A good way to reduce your risk of ending up with clients who aren’t going to convert on your website is to use the Google negative keyword list to eliminate searches for things like “cheap” or “affordable”. Once you’ve optimised your brand’s website for Google, make sure it’s designed with an excellent user experience.

Your customers should be able to search through your products on your website with ease, be able to learn more about your company and even contact you through your site. Showing the craftsmanship of your products and all the thought behind the design and production is always interesting to luxury shoppers.

3.    Demonstrate Luxury Brand Heritage

Ralph Lauren's history is an important part of their marketing as a luxury brand

Showing brand heritage is an important part of many luxury brands’ strategies for success. Heritage shows that a company has spent a lot of time and effort becoming the business they are today. Having a brand story which shows how your company came to life is a great way to make customers trust your business more, which should translate to additional sales.

When writing your story, remember to focus heavily on your decision to make this a “luxury” brand. What kind of materials have you decided to use when making your products, and how do your customers know they’re getting a high-end product? Demonstrating a commitment to quality and showing the longevity of the product can help win over first-time luxury buyers. 

Look at how your competitors use their company pages to target customers and add your own unique spin to the ideas that work. As well as writing an attractive “about us” page, remember that you can also demonstrate your status and appeal to your customers by creating content for your blog.

Website and social media content that shows people interacting with your product is important to your customers and is great for making your clients visualise what it’s like to own your products.

4.    Optimise Your Targeting

Facebook and Instagram are two of the best tools for social media marketing among luxury brands. Fortunately, they’re also connected. These two solutions can work seamlessly together to bring more customers to your store. With Facebook, you can specifically target the kind of customers your brand’s interested in selling to.

Facebook’s targeting feature means you can look at things like which brands the customer has engaged with in the past, where they work, what their job title is, and even what their level of education is. The same targeting can assist you on Instagram when you’re creating more visual ad campaigns.

Targeting will help you to reduce the amount you spend on your ads, while significantly increasing your qualified leads.

5.    Connect With Your Customers 

People buy from luxury brands because they want to feel like they’re getting the best of the best. Making your customer feel special is crucial in ensuring they keep coming back, and recommending your products to their friends.

Think about how you can make the experience of buying from you as personal as possible. Can you invite them to join a loyalty club so they can boost your advertising campaigns by referring their friends? Could you offer special discounts and sale announcement emails to loyal customers?

If you need help making your luxury brand marketing work, working with an agency or service with luxury advertising experience is key. Reach out to The Graygency and we can help you increase your revenue and boost your online presence when marketing your luxury brand.


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