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💁‍♀️ The Rise of Personal Pop Culture on Youtube 💁‍♀️

Youtube has launched its 2022 ‘Culture and Trends’ report, focused on Gen Z viewers and creators. 

They set out to analyse emerging trends that came about in recent years, specifically during the pandemic. In their report, Youtube has highlighted “personally relevant” content as the ticket to Gen Z’s hearts. 

The video-sharing giant says that during the months of lockdown, video content created a strong sense of connection among Gen Z. And that this trend is continuing to inform how they consume and engage with online video content. 

Formats like ASMR, Mukbang and Vlogs have always been popular on Youtube, however, this new report says content that plays into “emotional needs” has given rise to the “comfort creator,” and its popularity is skyrocketing. 

There’s also been a spike in individual viral videos. Youtube reckons this means there’s less focus on central trends and that audiences are keen to prioritise moments that are meaningful to them and their community. It’s clear Gen Z has a growing appetite for niche content.

Especially for fashion and beauty brands, this gives so many opportunities to highlight their products via sponsored or integrated content. With such a wealth of influencer power out there, the possibilities are really endless. 

Here’s a link to the full Trends Report. It’s packed with so many fascinating insights about the Gen Z demographic so we would highly recommend taking a look if you’re advertising on Youtube or even TikTok.

🎯 TikTok Enables Custom Attribution Windows 🎯

All advertisers using the TikTok Pixel and Web Events API now have access to Attribution Manager, which will now finally enable customisable attribution windows. 

This now means whatever your conversion objectives are, TikTok will now allow you to better understand the events you need to measure and track. 

According to TikTok, within Attribution Manager, desired attribution windows can be selected for both click-through and view-through conversions. 

TikTok offers a default attribution window of 7 days for clicks and 1 day for views. As advertisers, we know that the key touchpoints along the customer journey through the funnel are often not as simple as a 7-day window… TikTok is now offering more options based on your individual business and advertising goals. 

For click-through, there are now 1, 7, 14 and 28-day windows available. For view-through, OFF, 1 and 7-day windows will be available.

If you’re currently managing TikTok conversion campaigns, it’s a good idea to monitor your campaigns over the coming weeks with the knowledge you’ll be seeing additional conversions thanks to these new attribution windows. With a deeper understanding of the influence of your TikTok campaigns, bids and budgets can be adjusted accordingly. 

🤑 Shopify Offers Twitter More eCommerce Features In New Partnership 🤑

Twitter is developing its eCommerce profile with a new Shopify partnership. Twitter and Shopify will now work together to drive customers from Twitter to merchant websites in order to complete their purchases.

Interestingly, this approach is totally different in comparison to Instagram. IG has been working to integrate shopping and in-app purchasing, rather than driving traffic to a third-party site.

Regardless, this new partnership between Twitter and Shopify also means online retailers who use Shopify can list up to 50 items for sale on their Twitter profiles. Internally, Shopify now lists Twitter as a sales channel and when merchants connect their Twitter and Shopify accounts, their listings will update automatically. Handy!

Shopify supports more than 2 million merchants worldwide whereas Twitter’s user base grew by 12% last year, showing a promising new pool of potential customers. Now, marketers can take advantage of another eCommerce platform to drive their campaigns. 


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