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When it comes to digital advertising and driving sales, creative assets are still king. We have the expertise to enhance your digital marketing performance through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and the use of captivating visuals in our campaigns. We assist in connecting strategic vision, innovative ideas, and implementation to effectively engage your target audience, utilising compelling content through various channels, precisely timed for maximum impact.
Dr David Jack London

"The Graygency team are so supportive and a dream to work with, you support us with creative ideas and execute a first class media strategy".

Rachel Kavanagh, Brand Growth Director Dr David Jack

Meet the specialists
behind our work

Meet the specialists

We work side by side with you to shift perspectives and drive transformative growth for your brand now and in the future. With a maximum of 5 accounts
per team, we prioritise strong relationships and your long-term success.

Andy Gray

Andy Gray


Jacob Johennessen

Jacob Johannessen

Paid-Social Specialist

Oliver Champion

Oliver Champion

Paid-Social Specialist

Shade Schutze

Shade Schutze

Tiffany de Ponte

Marthinus Kirsten

Motion Graphic Designer

Our tech

Our tech

We have designed a suite of proprietary tools to cut through the noise and focus on what is important for our team and partners..

With over 56% of Paid-Media performance attributed to creative performance, we deliver in-depth analysis of your brands creative performance metrics directly to your creative team.

No jargon, just actionable insights that drive creativity..

Tap in to our performance index containing an overview of performance information including targeting, spend distribution and advertising costs across all Paid-Media channels and categories.

Our inventory monitoring system delivers automated updates on your stock levels including broken stock and replenishment. Our alert system also tracks the sell through of SKU’s in relation to the seasonality of collections. Our goal was to reduce inefficiencies in advertising broken stock, wasted spend and highlight opportunities to prevent deadstock..

Our system logs your paid media performance and any shifts in website performance. This allows us to check your brand vitals and adapt strategy if required..

On average platform outages occur twice a year per advertising platform costing brands and advertisers thousands in lost spend. In response to this we created a “kill switch” allowing us to pause activity immediately and prevent wasted spend and reactivate at the click of a button.

We're trusted by disruptive brands, established retailers & market leaders alike.

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