Instagram To Cut Back Shopping Features & New Video Insights From Meta – Midweek Media Breakdown

We’re back with another Midweek Media Breakdown, giving you the latest social media news through a digital marketing lens. This week… 👇

🛍️Instagram To Cut Back Shopping Features 🛍️

Instagram’s eCommerce offerings are set to change once again, citing a “shift in company priorities.” 

Last week, an internal staff memo was shared with The Information, detailing how Instagram will now be “prioritizing efforts that directly drive advertising on Meta.” 

The shopping page on Instagram is set to be the first feature to be removed. It will be replaced with a simplified, less personalised version called ‘Tab Lite.’ The home navigation button that directs users to the shopping tab is scheduled to be removed by March next year. 

Instagram later clarified that shopping options are not being removed altogether and eCommerce remains “important” to the platform. An Instagram spokesperson said, “we remain committed to the goal of making Instagram the best place for people to discover and buy products from brands and creators they love.” 

Instagram has recently come under heavy criticism for pushing Reels as their key offering to businesses. This emphasis on short-form video drives more direct revenue to the platform, however, users are complaining that Instagram is fast becoming a TikTok-lookalike. 

🎥New Video Insights From Meta 🎥

Meta has been trying to up their video game on Facebook for some time now. Their younger counterpart, Instagram, nailed this a long time ago, but Facebook is yet to catch up.

While data shows that video takes up 50% of the time that people spend on Facebook, Reels haven’t caught on quite the same as they did on Instagram.

In their latest effort to push users to post more Reels on Facebook, Meta has released new insights into how their video distribution works. 

Meta has broken down the variables that hold the greatest influence on distribution for videos right now.

Facebook is favouring content based on: 

  • Originality
    Content that is written and created for Facebook will pack the most punch. Avoid duplicate content and try to meaningfully engage with your audience.
  • Engagement
    Getting people to watch the content you make is always the hardest part. Meta suggests working with a strong narrative structure within your videos, so viewers become invested in a storyline. Building for on-the-go mobile viewing is another top tip, given that most video content on Facebook is watched on mobile devices.



  • Loyalty and intent
    Facebook highly ranks content and pages that are frequently revisited. This sends a strong message to Meta that this content is valuable and worthy of wide distribution. Optimising content for Facebook search is also another way of leveraging loyalty recommended by Facebook. Writing clear titles and descriptions and adding relevant tags will all help more people view your content.

Meta also released guidelines for why videos may face reduced distribution. Some issues include: 

  • Videos created from slideshow images 
  • Manufactured sharing behaviours 
  • Baiting tactics 

To learn more about how to optimise your video content on Facebook, read Meta’s report here

👗Fashion Month On TikTok 👗

September is a key month on all fashion calendars. From New York Fashion Week to the Emmys, social media is swamped with fashion and beauty content. 

While NYFW just wrapped, creators are gearing up for a whole month of fashion events over on TikTok.

Until October 14th, TikTok will be showcasing both influencers and designers via the hashtag #FashionForYou, celebrating personal style, expression and inclusivity.

For anyone working in fashion, it’s time to keep your eyes on the latest trends and insights that are bound to emerge this month. 

TikTok is also launching new creative effects with the likes of Fenty Beauty and Willow Smith to boost community engagement. 

If you’re a fashion brand looking to launch your TikTok game, it’s worth checking out the new guidelines TikTok has just released for brands. It’s a short video series that shows a range of easy-to-follow steps for brands getting started on TikTok. 

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