The Best Facebook Ads For Women’s Fashion: Our Top Picks

As one of the most versatile media platforms around, Facebook ads are the ideal tool for fashion retailers in search of growth and reach. The right Facebook campaign can be all it takes to instantly capture the attention of a new audience, or make your brand go viral. 

Not only is Facebook easy to use for advertising, but it’s perfectly suited for companies searching for a specific target audience too. With extensive targeting options baked in, Facebook ensures you can generate brand awareness among the right people.

Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are some of the best Facebook ads we’ve seen online, focused specifically on women’s fashion.  

  1. Mango

A staple brand when it comes to women’s fashion, Mango is excellent at generating excitement for its upcoming clothing lines. Taking a look at Mango’s ad library also shows excellent insight into how important it is to test different versions of an ad. When promoting its SS22 campaign, the Mango brand published various versions of the same ad, keeping the copy the same but swapping out the images and videos. This is a common tactic used by some of the biggest brands as it can give insight into which type of creative drives the most engagement. 

  1. Simply Be 

One of the best examples of how you can use your captions on Facebook to tell a story, Simply Be is a master at weaving narratives into their social campaigns. Their ad library is an excellent insight into the company’s skill at getting people to visualize what it might be like to wear their clothing. The use of relatable, straight-talking copy, matched with a “shop now” function which shows you the price of the product you’re buying straight away makes this ad instantly compelling. Simply Be clearly know how to talk to its target audience.

  1. Skinnydip

Skinnydip London is another example of a brand that knows exactly how to speak to its customers. The company regularly uses collaborations with leading brands (like Hello Kitty and Disney) to raise hype on Facebook. However, it’s the fun use of language and emojis which really grabs our attention in this Facebook ad. The carousel immediately grabs attention with high-quality images, matched with an engaging “Shop Now” call to action at the end. 

  1. Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks keeps things simple and fun with their Facebook ads. Since many people today browse Facebook from their smartphones, they rarely have the time or patience to scroll through large captions. You’re more likely to grab the attention of your audience with an attractive image and a simple phrase. Motel’s ad here only includes a single sentence in the caption, but all the extra information you need is included in the image, where you can see price reductions.

  1. River Island

Because River Island sells more than just women’s clothing, it needs to produce a wide selection of ads every time it wants to promote a new campaign on Facebook. If you check out River Island’s Facebook ad library, you’ll notice a number of ads running at the same time, each targeting a different kind of customer, from parents to professionals, to fashion-forward women. Every ad uses its own picture, emojis and distinct caption tailored to the audience in question. River Island’s friendly and relatable voice is evident in each of these campaigns.

  1. Zara

Promoting quite a luxurious image on all social media platforms, Zara ensures it’s grabbing the right attention with its ads on Facebook. Their ad typically uses high-quality images of models to demonstrate the strong art direction of the campaign, while still encouraging customers to “shop now” with a call to action button. The caption is short and sweet, designed to focus the attention of the audience on the picture below. Being a major international brand, Zara also runs ads in different languages to see how they land in different regions. 

  1. ASOS

The ASOS brand has grown into a giant in the social media space for a number of reasons. Not only is the company excellent at promoting real people in their ads, but they also have a unique tone of voice which appeals to all kinds of customers. One of the best things about ASOS’s approach to Facebook ads is its commitment to working with influencers. Whenever an influencer takes part in one of their campaigns, the company tags them and highlights their pronouns. This is a nice practice to help them stay connected to their younger audience. 

  1. Boohoo

Boohoo knows its target audience is looking for great deals on great clothes. That’s why in many of the Boohoo female clothing ads you’ll see on Facebook, you’ll find the company drawing extra attention to the savings they are offering. In most of their ads, the caption immediately pulls attention to the details of the sale, using bold font and emojis. The company even appeals to a new generation of customers using advertising its partnerships with buy-now-pay-later products like Klarna.

What are your favourite women’s clothing ads on Facebook right now? Looking to create some compelling ads of your own? Reach out to The Graygency for help creating creative campaigns that inspire conversions. Want more from us? Check out our blog for more insights into the latest digital marketing trends and social media news.

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