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📺 ‘Made for TikTok’ Marketing Series Is Back! 📺

TikTok’s very own talk show, made specifically for those working in the ad world is back for a second season. ‘Made for TikTok’ is a video series created to inspire and educate marketers on how to make entertaining branded content on TikTok.

As a self-proclaimed ad industry talk show, the series is designed for brand marketers and agency creatives to get an inside look into TikTok marketing and how to launch the most impactful campaigns.

It’s formatted in a late-night talk show style, hosted by copywriter and TikTok creator Shannon Fiedler.

The series comes in three parts, each episode tackling a different marketing topic. It’s packed tight with industry insights and highlights the voices of creators who work with the platform every day. 

There’s a particular emphasis on TikTok branding and how to effectively measure TikTok campaigns. The series also promotes native talent sourcing, focusing on how advertisers can harness the power of TikTok influencers and include them in their campaigns. 

You can check out all the episodes here

🤝 ​Google Offers Youtube Ad Placements To Rival Platforms 🤝

Big news came out of the EU antitrust investigation this week. Google may be forced to run ads from third-party platforms if it wants to avoid a hefty fine. 

In 2021, the European Commission was tasked to investigate Youtube’s market influence, being the largest provider of search and video. It was suggested that Google was giving itself an unfair advantage when it came to Youtube ad placements and restricting other advertisers’ access to user data. 

As Youtube’s parent company, Google has offered to change its current process and enable third-party access. This would mean Youtube Ads would no longer have to be managed via their Ads Manager and could be integrated into the dashboards and flows of other digital campaigns. 

Currently, this potential change would only impact Europe. Open access would have huge ramifications for the paid media landscape. This move is definitely one to watch. 👀

🍪 How Going Cookie-Less Will Impact Your eCommerce Store 🍪

Google is removing the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2023. This is quite a big deal for eCommerce brands that rely on third-party cookies for audience targeting and customisation. 

There’s been an increasing push for heightened regulation online and more emphasis on privacy, pushing Google to make the decision to ditch third-party cookies. This has created a new challenge for marketers wanting to continue to create engaging online shopping experiences for their audiences. 

Following 2023, there will be a big shift toward the importance of first-party data, so it’s important for eCommerce brands to adapt to the changing expectations around data privacy. Without the third-party data they have been relying on, brands may struggle to create more targeted and personal experiences for their customers to inspire conversions.

So, what can brands do to ease this blow? 

  1. Focus on growing their first-party database 
  • Newsletters, offering member-only discounts and exclusives and running competitions are just a few of the ways brands can grow their first-party data.
  1. Focus on retention
  • Brands need to put effort into creating a strong relationship with existing customers and building an emotional connection. This will keep your brand front of mind when your customers are ready to purchase again.
  1. Leverage loyalty driving strategies 
  • Loyalty strategies remain one of the most valuable marketing strategies for brands, regardless of whether third-party cookies are being removed or not. Family and friend referral codes, membership sales and virtual punchcards are just a few examples. 
  • Live shopping offers huge potential for eCommerce brands to create new connections with their customers and drive long-term loyalty. 

For more insight into this topic, check out this super useful infographic.

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