The 10 Shopify Apps Every Beauty Brand Should Try

The beauty industry is packed full of potential!

In 2019, the niche hit a value of around $532 billion, driven by things like new styles and the rise of DIY beauty videos online. As consumers worldwide continue to search for incredible beauty experiences, there’s never been a better time to launch your own beauty company.

Tools like Shopify are brilliant for getting you started online. This simple store-building solution doesn’t require any coding knowledge to get started. What’s more, with Shopify, you’ve got access to tons of fantastic marketplace apps to help transform your sales potential.

Today, we’re going to look at a handful of Shopify Beauty apps, perfect for increasing revenue and driving new sales for any beauty company.

1. Facebook & Instagram Auto Post

There are few things more valuable than social media for increasing your average order value.

Beauty brands usually thrive best on channels like Instagram and Facebook, where you can easily share pictures and videos showcasing your latest items. The Facebook & Instagram Auto Post application for Shopify is a massive time-saver.

With this tool, you can create and schedule your posts in advance, then show off your beauty collections one at a time. Just click one button, and the service will send product posts to your Facebook and Instagram. There’s also support for Pinterest and Twitter. To make this Shopify beauty app even more appealing, there’s a free plan to get you started.

2. Loox

Social proof is a must-have for any business, but it’s incredibly valuable in industries like fashion and beauty. Your customers want to know that you’re delivering high-quality products. However, they also want to see pictures of other people using those items. This makes it easier for consumers to visualize themselves in the same makeup or clothing.

Loox is the most popular social proof app for Shopify that comes with support for photo reviews. You can use this service to send automatic requests to customers after they buy your products. As well as asking for testimonials, you can offer discounts and deals too.

Once you’ve collected your social proof with Loox, the service helps you to showcase them in an attractive gallery on your website. It’s a great way to boost conversions and encourage more conversions for your business.

3. Dropship Beauty

If you need help expanding your product portfolio with new items for your audience, try Dropship Beauty. This is basically a dropshipping service explicitly intended for beauty brands. You can sell extra items to your customers, like false lashes and hair extensions, without having to stock the items yourself.

This product currently only dropships in the USA, but it could be a handy tool for a lot of online sellers. You get extra fast shipping and can even send items the same day if customers order early enough. Dropship Beauty makes it much easier for companies to expand their offering and attract new customers, without having to worry about traditional warehousing.

Dropship Beauty will automatically pick, pack, and ship your customer’s orders to their location as soon as a request comes through on your website.

4. Discounted Upsells

As a business owner, you’ll always be looking for ways to increase your customer’s average spend. That’s where tools like Discounted Upsells come in handy. This Shopify app makes it easier to generate more sales on your Beauty website. Essentially, it offers your customers a handful of discounted products they can add to their basket with one click.

If you’ve been struggling with order value, this easy-to-use app could help to drive more purchases from your customers. Discounted Upsells is also fully compatible with all inventory management and Shopify sales channels. There’s no coding required, no duplicate variants to worry about, and there’s a 7-day free trial too.

If you’re not sure which products you should be upselling or cross-selling, the AI bot from Discounted Upsells will help by providing an offer based on your order history.

5. Gift Box

Speaking of increasing your average spending amounts, why not entice your audience with a gift? The Gift Box app on the Shopify app makes it easy to deliver things like gift cards and free bonuses to your target audience. All you need to do is set a limit for when your customer is going to get their freebie. For instance, you might offer free shipping for orders over $10.

The great thing about the Gift Box app is that it reminds your customer of how much they have left to spend to access their gift. Gifts add to the cart automatically, making increasing AOV simple. Plus, the slick and beautiful design fits well with a host of Shopify Beauty stores.

You can customize your Gift Box experience however you choose, with unlimited gift options to choose from and support for mobile devices.

6. Referral Candy

It’s much easier to convince a customer to buy your beauty products if you have clients willing to give you a positive shout-out. Referral Candy is a handy Shopify app that helps beauty companies to increase their sales through referral programs. This easy-to-use service provides rewards for referring customers and referred friends alike.

The easy-to-use app aligns with the brand image of your company, with the option to add things like pop-ups in your brand colors, and logos. You can also track the performance of your referral program, with an overview of things like shares and sales.

Reward your customers for referrals however you choose, with things like unique gifts, coupons, and even cash-back. Currently, Referral Candy is supporting around 30,000 online stores worldwide.

7. Videofy

As we mentioned above, visual content is vital for beauty brands. Everyone wants to see exactly what they can accomplish with your latest highlighter palette or liquid eyeliner. While pictures are a good start for engaging your audience, you may be even to accomplish even more by turning your product photos into videos!

Videofy is a Shopify app that companies can use to add videos easily and automatically to their store. You can quickly and easily create immersive content using store product information from existing text and images. You also get the option to increase shopper visit time and engagement in your Shopify store by showcasing seasonal offers and new inventory.

Another massive bonus? With Videofy, you can easily share any video you create directly to social media channels like Facebook, as well as posting them on your blog.

8. Bold Subscriptions

Want to keep your customers coming back week after week, or month after month? You could consider creating a beauty subscription box. There are tons of examples of popular subscription boxes out there, including Glossy Box, and Birch Box. What you might not realize, however, is that it’s super easy to create your own.

Bold Subscriptions on the Shopify app store is a convenient tool for creating recurring orders and consistent payments. You can seamlessly integrate recurring payments with your Shopify products, store, cart, customer accounts, and checkout. Plus, the subscription system scales with your business, with no limits on what you can do.

For those worried about customer churn, Bold Subscriptions also comes with the option to let your customers decide when they want to edit, skip, pause, or manage their orders.

9. SEO Optimizer

There’s a good chance that the marketing strategy for your beauty brand includes a combination of social media advertising and PPC. SEO Optimizer is a simple Shopify app from Booster apps that helps to strengthen your organic presence too.

With SEO Optimizer, you can automatically improve your SEO by adding meta tags, JSONLD, and other things for you. With a one-click install, you can get your solution set up in minutes.

There are around 382,000 stores on Shopify using this app right now, making it one of the most trusted options on the market. You also benefit from access to a great customer support team if you have any issues with your SEO optimizer app.

10. Kit

Finally, Kit is a brilliant all-in-one app for Shopify that helps you to create conversion-friendly ads for Instagram and Facebook. Although you’ll still need support from an expert to determine what kind of Facebook strategy you’re going to run, Kit can help take your conversions to the next level.

With Kit, you can easily create dynamic retargeting campaigns, which show your ads to the people who are most likely to buy your products. Kit supports you in finding Instagram users suitable for your brand, and it’s great for automation, like sending custom thank you emails to customers.

Kit also comes with reporting elements, so you can see which of your campaigns are working best, plus, you can set up discount codes too. The best part? You can use Kit for free.

Upgrade Your Shopify Store

Shopify is an excellent tool for any Beauty company that wants to start growing online. However, you can always accomplish more with your store if you’re willing to experiment with new apps and plugins. A great range of Shopify Beauty apps, like the ones mentioned above, will strengthen your online selling potential.

Remember, you can reach out to The Graygency for more support taking your store to the next level too!

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