10 Free Apps to Explore in the Shopify App Store

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce site building tool in the world for a reason. It provides fantastic ease-of-use for those who don’t know much about coding so that you can jump into store building almost instantly. With Shopify, you also get access to a fantastic community full of developers and pros who can help extend the functionality of your store.

One of the easiest ways to make your Shopify solution even more impressive is with the Shopify App store. This online marketplace is home to hundreds of tools, ranging from solutions for email marketing, to options for customer reviews, loyalty schemes, and more.

With so many great products to choose from, we thought we’d help you out by highlighting some of the best free Shopify apps to add to your store.

1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a tool for marketing automation that promises to help companies from all industries improve their chances of earning repeat customers. With Klaviyo, you can design email flows that recapture sales opportunities and drive positive outcomes for virtually any trigger. You can even combine data from Shopify and other leading applications to segment your audience and send highly targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Klaviyo is free to use for companies with up to 200 email subscribers, and 500 email sends. It’s an excellent choice for stores that are just getting started with their email lists. You can even access useful analytics to help you with future investments.

2. SMS Bump

Email marketing is great, but it’s not the only way to connect with your customers outside of your website. With SMS Bump for Shopify, you can build a GDPR compliant subscriber list in no time with handy popups, floating buttons, and shareable links. Once you have your list, start reaching them through pre-built MMS and SMS flows. These options include customer win back opportunities, abandoned cart, new order flows, product upselling, and more.

If you’re looking for a highly targeted way to build effective SMS campaigns, then SMS Bump has plenty to offer. The powerful enterprise-level segmentation is great for boosting your SMS marketing lists too!

3. Flexify

Flexify is an excellent product for anyone taking advantage of Facebook ad campaigns. With Flexify, companies can sync their store with their Facebook Product Catalog in a matter of minutes. Flexify syncs your products with your Facebook catalog to produce dynamic ads. This also ensures that you can improve the quality of your Facebook ads, with no cut-off images to worry about. Sync thousands of products in no time, and make sure you’re up-to-date.

If you want a quick and easy way to sell in front of millions on Instagram and Facebook, then Flexify can help. Even better, there’s a free forever pricing plan that supports up to 1000 products and syncs every 24 hours.

4. Trackify

Another brilliant tool for those accelerating business growth with Facebook marketing, Trackify is a powerful pixel engine. You can track pixel events for multiple niche, master, and collection pixels with ease. That means that you never miss a sale or an opportunity.

The Trackify analytics system provides detailed reports by tag, pixel, collection, device, and products. You can also monitor UTM tags. With Trackify, it’s much easier to create high-converting campaigns and take your re-marketing efforts to the next level. Trackify will help you to create and manage active audiences and catalog feeds for high performing ads.

5. Product Reviews

There are plenty of Shopify add-ons out there for companies that want to take advantage of social proof to help sell their products. However, some are more expensive than others. While you can benefit from splashing out on a bit of extra functionality with a tool like Loox, that offers photo-based reviews, Product Reviews from Shopify is a good starting point.

This easy-to-use app is excellent for improving your SEO campaigns by adding Google-friendly review scores to your search results. There’s also a fully customizable design that looks fantastic with any Shopify theme.

6. ReConvert Upsell and Cross Sell

Looking for a way to take every sales opportunity to the next level? ReConvert Upsells and Cross-Sell by StilyoApps could be the solution. This handy tool for Shopify comes with a convenient thank you landing page builder. You can easily design the perfect order status page with no technical knowledge required. The simple system also comes with support for pop-ups and a landing-page builder.

With thank you page upsells, you can collect survey information, birthday details and convince customers to add more items to their cart before they checkout. There’s also post-purchase upsell tracking available for premium customers. Basic thank you pages are available for free.

7. Tidio Live Chat

Building better relationships with customers is crucial to success for any business, from any industry. Convenient shopping experiences and great products are an obvious way to strengthen positive ties to your customers. However, it’s also essential to make sure that you have the right customer service solution in place.

Tidio Live Chat allows businesses to speak to their clients through Facebook Messenger, email, and live chat. You get all of the conversational tools you need in one panel. Plus, you can increase sales and enable intelligent bots too. With a 30-second setup for ease of use, nothing is stopping you from getting started straight away. Now that more than half of customers are more likely to buy something if your site has live chat, Tidio pays off.

8. SEO Booster

You don’t need to be a marketing pro to know that Search Engine Optimisation is important for any business. If you want customers to find your Shopify store, you need to ensure that you’re investing in organic and qualified traffic. SEO Booster is a convenient app for Shopify that can help with this. You can auto-check your website for any SEO issues and fix problems immediately.

SEO Booster will show you anything that might be dragging down your rank and give you the support you need to improve page rank and make your site more visible to potential clients. You can even access

9. Swell Loyalty & Rewards

Swell Loyalty and Rewards is a free-to-download app from the Yopto company, dedicated to helping businesses supercharge their Shopify presence with engaging loyalty programs. You can access referral information, email acquisition tools, and loyalty services in the same easy-to-use app. With this Rewards service, you can increase your lifetime value through an immersive and attractive loyalty experience, great for improving brand engagement.

The Swell solution makes it easy to build referral marketing programs that turns customer advocacy into the most effective driver of business revenue. The “Bronze” service is free to install or up to 10 rewards campaigns.

10. Instant Search

Finally, make it easier for customers on your store to find exactly what they need with the Instant Search+ and Filters Shopify app. This handy tool from Fast Simon comes with a Shopify Plus certified smart search solution, including filtering, cross-selling opportunities, autocomplete, upsell, and even autocorrect.

With Instant Search, you can enhance and optimize shopping experiences, providing the ultimate shopping outcomes with merchandising, collections, personalization elements, recommendations, landing pages, and visual retailing too. Instant Search helps your customers to find what they need so you can improve your average order value. You can get 50 monthly searches and 50 products for free with a thirty-day trial if you decide to upgrade.

Making the Most of Free Shopify Apps

There are countless apps available on Shopify today for teams who are looking for quick and effective ways to upgrade their store. The Shopify App Marketplace is one of the things that makes Shopify so appealing for today’s business leaders. What’s more, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to upgrade your site. With hundreds of apps featuring their own free tier, you can start experimenting straight away.

If you need help upgrading your Shopify store, or just making it stand out with support from social media marketing, reach out today. The Graygency can help you discover the perfect strategy.

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