When Should You Post On Instagram?

Hey Guys today we are going to talk about Timing.

Now you’ve probably heard me say.
About a million times (1 million and 1) that on Instagram and on Facebook Content is King !
Well content is king, but timing as the age old saying goes timing is everything.

A lot of people spend a lot of time creating amazing pieces of content, but they don’t think too much about
the timings that they are uploading their postings.And this is where my concept of the science of social media comes in.
Because, what you can actually do is, you can use statistics to ensure that you are getting the most engagement and the most reach on your posting

So, i have a little challenge for you today. Over the next 7 days what i want you to do is :

I want you to upload your posts to Instagram at times where you’re less busy in your every day life.

So maybe if you are sat on the train or bus on the way to work or school.

Or maybe its when you are sat on the couch relaxing after a hard day.

These are the perfect windows for you to be posting. What i want you to then do is to write down, the day and the time of your posting

Give it 24 hours and then i want you to write how many comments and likes your post received.

Over the course of 7 days you are going to collect quite a lot of data , which you can then use in the future.

If you see that you posted one day at 8pm and you got

500 likes and then you posted the next day at 7pm or 6PM and you got much more then you know that your

target audience is more active in this time period.

And this is the time where you should be putting out your content.

Now for those of you who want to take it a little step further, who are maybe a little more into statistics like i am.

You can go even further into detail, you are going to try out.

When you make a post and then leave it for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes i want you to check how many likes and comments you have received.

Write this down!!!

Then after 2 hours i want you to check up on that post again (how many likes and comments) in total at that time.

Then you are going to check again, after 24 hours and then you have a score.

What we are really trying to do is with the Instagram algorithm.

We want to accumulate as many likes and comments in the first 2 hours (30 minutes is better) as possible.

We want to be posting when our audience is most active. What this does is it shows your post to be

a high value post it increases the reach of the posting and it also allows your post to be featured in the discovery page.

That is the page that appears when you click the magnifying glass , you see a lot of random posts (they are not so random!!) appearing

These are the ones that probably peak your curiosity and you click on a few.

Well this is how we get into that area

Give it a try and as always let me know how you got on in the comments below

Have a good day and if you have questions on social media don’t hesitate to drop me an email

I have left my email in the description below

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