We Stalked 10 Luxury Brands Instagram Profiles To Learn From Their Marketing 

Luxury brands are some of the most followed accounts on Instagram globally. Any brand with a strong focus on aesthetics is likely to perform well on a platform like Instagram. However, some luxury brands are creating fine art out of building their social media profiles and followings. 

Luxury brands on Instagram use a combination of techniques in their marketing, from behind-the-scenes content to influencer campaigns. These both showcase their products and build meaningful relationships with their customer base. 

By 2025, the luxury goods market is expected to accelerate to the value of around $388 billion. Much of that will be thanks to their innovative digital marketing techniques. It’s clear there’s never been a better time to get some inspiration from the top luxury brands of today.  

Who to Follow? The Top Luxury Brands on Instagram

We’ve created a versatile list of luxury brands with some of the most stunning Instagram profiles from across the luxury retail sector. With each profile showcasing unique and innovative digital campaigns, it’s clear so much thought goes into their social media marketing. Take out your pen and paper, it’s time to take some notes! 

Here are our top picks, ranging from fashion and lifestyle brands to luxury motor and travel. 

1.       Chanel (Luxury fashion)

Easily the biggest luxury brand on Instagram today, Chanel has over 50.2 million followers, and thousands of posts, showing off the latest products in its amazing collections. Chanel’s Instagram feed is an excellent insight into the importance of keeping your Instagram accounts consistent. This high-end fashion brand attracts followers with a themed selection of posts, built with amazing models, unique backgrounds, and stunning industry insights.

Key takeaway: Consistency is key! A quick scroll through their feed shows thematic posting with well-thought-out aesthetics. 

2.       Gucci (Luxury fashion)

Similar to Chanel, Gucci is a fashion and lifestyle luxury brand with a fantastic appeal on both Instagram and Facebook. Gucci Official now has more than 45.2 million followers worldwide. They have cultivated a well-engaged following with their use of influencer marketing, behind-the-scenes videos and creative posts. The brand takes an immersive approach to showcasing its collections. They’re often showing their collections in action, ensuring the right people are wearing (and photographed in) Gucci.

Key takeaway: Break the fourth wall. Luxury marketing doesn’t always have to be glossy. Showing real people in real clothes is highly effective.

3.       Rolex (Luxury accessories)

With over 12.7 million followers, Rolex might not have as many followers as the other big luxury brands on Instagram, but they’re a shark in the accessories niche. Exclusivity is a defining factor of the Rolex brand. Their content is professional, sleek and sexy. They show their watches from every angle and they’re clearly aiming to inspire their followers with a detailed view of what high-end watches can really look like. 

Key takeaway: Aspirational content creates desire. Only the few can afford Rolex watches and that’s the point. 

4.       Luis Vuitton (Luxury fashion)

Another fashion brand with an incredible presence on Instagram and Facebook, Luis Vuitton makes each post unique, by creating themes for each digital campaign. Their Reels section is really the highlight of their Instagram. They use these shorts to tell stories, show details and create hype for their new drops. The pictures and videos this company posts on Instagram always feature the right hashtags and related @mentions when shouting out designers. Louis Vuitton is also excellent at writing captions that grab the audience’s attention. 

Key takeaway: Know the platform. They’ve clearly done their research into Instagram demographics and are creating bespoke content for their IG feed. This makes their content stand out. 

5.       BMW (Luxury auto)

Luxury doesn’t always mean fashion and beauty. The content from BMW on Instagram is an excellent example of how any company can use social media to create a stronger connection to their audience. The BMW Instagram page is full of exclusive content designed to appeal directly to people with a love of high-end cars.

Key takeaway: Stick to a niche. BMW knows how to market luxury auto, and they stick to it. While different cars and campaigns introduce variety to their feed, they stick to their branding because they know it works. 

6.       Dior Beauty (Luxury Beauty)

Dior Beauty isn’t afraid to make an impact with its Instagram campaigns. As a denomination of Dior, with almost 10 million followers, they feature high-concept and artistic campaigns on their feed. What Dior Beauty does particularly well is its celebrity campaigns and behind the scenes content. They take their followers on a journey to create the latest products and see them being designed. From the fragrance to lipstick, we get to know the products inside and out, just by looking at their Instagram. Of course, their content is always stunning so it’s easy to capture our attention. 

Key takeaway: Behind-the-scenes content can do so much for luxury branding. Showing the artistry and design process behind the creation of luxury products makes the average person feel that their splurge was worth it. 

7.       Dolce&Gabbana (Luxury Fashion)

Another member of the luxury fashion family, Dolce&Gabanna is one of the most recognisable brands in fashion. Thanks to years of innovative social media campaigns, the company has become a powerful presence online, outshining many other fashion companies worldwide. D&G take full advantage of visual storytelling and influencer campaigns to attract as many customers as possible. Their collections show they are on the pulse of fashion and understand who follows them on social media. 

Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to show your authenticity. Dolce&Gabbana show a different side to their polished and professional runways on their Instagram feed. This helps them connect with their audience on a deeper level. 

8.       Lamborghini (Luxury Auto)

When it comes to exploring luxury Instagram accounts, it’s hard to ignore a luxury brand as memorable as Lamborghini. The Lamborghini account is as sleek and sophisticated as the company itself, perfect for attracting attention from all over the world. Lamborghini presents itself not just as a car company, but as a lifestyle brand, to appeal to a number of dedicated customers around the world. This company isn’t afraid to post influencer marketing campaigns to improve its chances of audience growth either. They blend art with their social media marketing, making their account one people just like to look at.

Key takeaway: Eye candy can do more than you think. Lamborghini clearly put a lot of time and effort into how their Instagram feed looks. Every image is like a piece of art. Whether you’re actually in the market for buying a luxury car, their Instagram feed is definitely one that is just amazing to look at either way. 

9.       Emirates (Luxury Travel)

A great example of one of the many luxury brands in the travel and tourism industry, the Emirates account leverages everything from influencer marketing to professional photography to connect to their broad audience.

Visually, their account is stunning but they also focus on marketing the Emirates experience. They show customers, staff and celebrities enjoying their services. 

It’s clear Emirates uses in-depth customer data to manage its content strategy, and boost its chances of great advertising online, making it one of the more compelling travel brands around.

Key takeaway: Marketing a luxury brand is more than selling a product or service, it’s about marketing an experience. Through their social media, Emirates shows how their service, aviation, can change people’s lives. It takes them to new places, reunites them with loved ones and can offer once in a lifetime experiences. 

10. Moët & Chandon (Luxury Lifestyle) 

We haven’t categorised this champagne brand into food and beverage, but rather as a luxury lifestyle brand, and that is for good reason. Moët & Chandon is one of the world’s most recognisable champagne brands and that’s something they are proud of. They use their Instagram to show their product in action and launch new campaigns, all while demonstrating their strong brand heritage, having been established in 1743. 

Key takeaway: Showing heritage is key in marketing a luxury brand. Customers like knowing they are investing in more than just a bottle of champagne, but rather hundreds of years of craftsmanship and history. 


We hope you enjoyed the top 10 lessons we learned from stalking these top luxury brands on Instagram. No matter your niche or target audience, learning from their marketing techniques is a sure-fire way to elevate your brand’s social media presence. 

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