The SaaS Tools Every Agency Should Be Using in 2022

🛠️  The Saas Tools Every Business Should Be Using in 2022 🛠️

Efficient workflow and ease of processes are things that all businesses strive for. But when it comes to SaaS tools, there can be a tricky balance to strike between using cutting edge technology and actually implementing tools that will add the most value to your team. We know there are some tools you simply couldn’t imagine running your agency without and others you wish you hadn’t forked out so much cash for, just to have them gathering dust in your applications folder. So, we’re here to help! Here’s our breakdown of the top SaaS tools you should be using in 2022. 

In a recent episode of eCommentary, we were lucky enough to have Bryan Bumgardner from Freedom Grooming share some wisdom about his most loved and used SaaS tools. (Psst, you can listen to the full episode here.)

Inspired by Bryan, (thanks man 🙌 ) we are here to break down some of the most useful day-to-day SaaS tools and also some more specialised tools that we think could provide some serious value to agencies and eCommerce businesses alike. 

Day-to-day SaaS Tools: 



An all-in-one space for project management, team collaboration and overall productivity—yes please! Click-up also has a seemingly endless list of customizable tools for you to really nail down your personal workflow. Strategic use of Click-up can also help you understand your employees better and let you know who is getting stuff done and who needs help.

The Google Ecosystem

Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Mail… this is your bread and butter. They’re user-friendly and commonly used outside of work—people like them for a reason. You can get quite far on the Google ecosystem alone. 

We will be delving deeper into more of Google’s offerings, like Data Studio and Colab below.👇


Who doesn’t love the sound of a Slack notification? This bad boy really took off during the pandemic after remote teams realised the beauty and efficiency of this tool. Private messaging and customised channel messaging make communicating with your team and clients easier than ever. 


This tool brings project management and note-taking together. It’s commonly used as a tool to write company wikis, thanks to its custom features and endless to-do list capabilities. While its functionality is relatively simple, it’s easy to get the hang of and ideal if you need to keep your SOPs organised for onboarding, training and upskilling.  

Specialised SaaS Tools:

Delving deeper into the world of SaaS tools and optimisation just shows there are lots of smaller players in this space who are offering lots of incredibly specific, and (depending on your needs), incredibly useful tools. However, with new ones constantly popping up, it can be hard to keep track of the ones that are really going to make a difference to your business. 

Here is our list of SaaS tools that can add serious value for agencies and online marketers:


‘The new standard for eCommerce intelligence.’ If you’re a digital marketer, Northbeam might just become your new Holy Grail. Northbeam gives you key analytics, including comprehensive attribution data and first-party data. Is this the answer to accurate attribution post-iOS 14.5? Watch this space 👀

Google Colab

This tool’s main feature is simplifying data analysis, including writing, running and sharing python code within Google Drive. If you’re already familiar with the Google Ecosystem and need to write and execute Python code, this tool will be a natural extension of the work you’re already doing. 


Say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets. Without requiring any engineering expertise, Daasity lets you integrate and analyse ROAS, customer acquisition cost and more. In one space you can simplify data analysis and focus on implementing data-driven growth. Onwards and upwards! 

Triple Whale

One of the better-known eCommerce operating solutions, Triple Whale prides itself on saving you time and money. By centralising all the tools you already use and providing key data insights, Triple Whale’s reporting capabilities give you clarity on what is working and what isn’t. The Triple Pixel is also a nifty little tool, going deeper than simply giving first/last-click attribution. It tracks all first-party data, helping you increase your ROI on ad spend. 

Two Minute Reports

This is one of our most-used tools—it’s fast, easy to use and lets us monitor, explore and report our marketing metrics. It’s a must-have tool for marketers needing self-service analytics. It really can save you buckets of time thanks to its reporting capabilities, especially when it comes to automating these processes and setting up scheduling rules. Without a doubt the most affordable tool on the market. Probably why our CEO Andy doesn’t shut up about it. 

Google Data Studio

This tool is made for marketers. It allows you to convert data into customisable, informative reports and dashboards. This tool is immensely powerful if you know how to use it. You can even save yourself quite a bit of cash by skipping out on Triple Whale if you’re prepared to build something for yourself on Data Studio. 

Are there any SaaS tools you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking to expand our toolbox. 

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