Social Media News – Midweek Media Breakdown #21

We’re back with another Midweek Media Breakdown, giving you the latest social media news through a digital marketing lens. This week… 

🛒  TikTok Introduces WooCommerce Integration 

🔎  More Transparency Tools Coming To Meta’s Ad Library 

👻 Snapchat To Integrate Shoppable eBay Listings


🛒  TikTok Introduces WooCommerce Integration 🛒

In TikTok’s most recent effort to create even more shoppable content, the platform has announced a WooCommerce plugin to power more in-app shopping options. 

WooCommerce merchants will be now able to sync their store catalogues with their TikTok profiles, allowing users to seamlessly connect with products they want to buy.

The TikTok for WooCommerce extension allows sellers to connect their product catalogue, activate tracking via TikTok pixel, create ads, and launch campaigns, all through the WooCommerce Dashboard. The integration is aimed at WooCommerce merchants looking to grow their businesses, and also adds another tool to TikTok’s belt when it comes to shoppable content. 

This isn’t the first eCommerce partner platform integration TikTok is undertaking. Way back in 2020, TikTok integrated Shopify, allowing millions of merchants to create and run their own TikTok campaigns. 

In other social media news, Pinterest also integrated WooCommerce last month. This shows a growing trend in platforms looking to broaden their shoppable social content. TikTok has been a game-changer in regards to this, from their famous #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt campaign to their recent adoption of live shopping. 

You can find out more about the TikTok plugin for WooCommerce here


🔎  More Transparency Tools Coming To Meta’s Ad Library 🔎

Anyone working in digital marketing or paid social knows Meta’s Ad Library is a treasure trove of information. After just a few clicks, you get free insights into some of the biggest global brands. You can also see in real-time the ads your competitors are running. 

Meta has announced they are adding more transparency features to their Ad Library, sharing more information on ads referencing social issues, elections or political campaigns. 

The new Ad Library will provide key insights including specific information on spend, reach and sensitive targeting options, flagging any misuse or breach of Meta’s guidelines. 

While it’s not entirely clear what Meta defines as a ‘social issue,’ it seems like some campaign data from brands running environmental or social issue-focused campaigns will now be public. 

This is Meta’s latest move to show its commitment to transparency and data safety. These updates are part of Meta’s pledge to provide more transparency into how its systems are being used by different groups. 

With the Cambridge Analytica scandal still looming over Meta’s reputation, it’s clear the company is committed to showing its reparations. You can read Meta’s full statement on the new features here. 

This change is not only relevant to political and social campaigners. For brands, this could become an insanely valuable resource when it comes to analysing the tactics of your competitors.


👻 Snapchat To Integrate Shoppable eBay Listings 👻

Snapchat is introducing another eCommerce feature to its platform. In a new partnership with eBay, Snapchatters can now share shoppable links to items they are selling or bidding on, seamlessly from eBay to Snap. 

The new integration means Snapchat users can easily share eBay listings they’re interested in with their friends via Snaps and Snap Stories. Shared eBay listings will show up as interactive stickers that appear on Snap content. The update is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, offering eBay merchants another organic option to promote listings. 

In a statement released by Snapchat, the platform said, “More than 124 million buyers shop on eBay globally to find everything from the latest sneaker drops to rare, vintage handbags, and now, Snapchatters have a seamless way to share what they have been eyeing… right where conversations with real friends are already happening.” 

This integration simply adds to the list of moves Snapchat is making to improve its eCommerce offerings. It’s clear they’re trying to keep up with the likes of TikTok and Youtube Shorts by providing more shoppable social content. And with the rise of live shopping, it’s pretty clear the trend of social-eComm content is only getting bigger. 




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