I’m creating content but i’m not seeing any results ?

So I’m sure that you are aware by now that creating content is an absolute must for businesses.

Especially in the year 2018, more and more of you online are creating Blogs,Vlogs, Uploading

to Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat, Facebook live and Instagram live.

The list is endless, but when i ask a lot of people why are you producing the content? there are not too many people who are aware of what they are trying to do with their content production.

The first thing is that we all want to try and become an authority in our target area.

So if you are selling coffee you want to become the person who knows the most about Coffee.

So then people seek out advice from your page they visit your website and hopefully this leads to sales in the long term. But, there are not too many of us who can become the absolute authority.

So what we need to do with our content is

we need to try to direct people into our sales funnel. What we are trying to do is, try to get people

to visit our website or blog. And then on the Blog or website we want to

embed the Facebook Pixel. Now if you don’t know about the Facebook Pixel

, don’t worry guys I’m bringing out a video that will explain how to use it.

That will be coming out in the next few days.Stick with me !!!

Basically the Facebook pixel collates information of users who are visiting

the website. You can then use that information to run Ad

Campaigns to then target these users. The big question is “why do i need to use

the Facebook Pixel” “how do i go about using it?” to make my business more profitable?

Step 1 is going to be that you write a nice blog post or a nice post on Facebook or Instagram.

And what you are going to want to try to do is direct traffic to your webpage .

When the user visits the website they are tracked by your pixel , that then allows you

to retarget them. So now we have gone from a cold lead to a

slightly warmer lead. They have visited your website , they have

shown some interest in what you are doing/producing.

Our next step would be to run Facebook Ads to retarget these users.

This can either be with more information, we can provide an advert or we can provide an offer.

Such as a discount code for using your services, maybe a free trial etc.

From there what we are going to do then for those that respond to that , we are going

to move them along the sales funnel. So again they become a little bit warmer.

What we can do as well is we can track every step through this funnel with our end goal

being that they purchase a product from your organisation or personal brand.

And the idea is that we want to keep moving people along the funnel and along the funnel. And as we move them along the funnel our ad spend becomes less, because we already know that they are interested so they are not going to scroll over the adverts. They then become more likely to opt-in.

If i have gone a little bit too quickly or maybe you are still wondering “What’s a Facebook Pixel” don’t worry guys you can always send me an email. You can ask me questions or send me a message on here.   But, you really should be utilizing Facebook and it’s capabilities to improve your businesses profits in 2018.

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Have a great day and keep elevating your social media.

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