How To Choose The Right Agency For Your Brand

Okay, so you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in your strategy through using an agency. You’ve spent heaps of time researching and have just about managed to narrow it down to a smaller pool of candidates. We’ve put together some tips that will help you find the right fit for your brand.

Talking is good

Yes, we mean good, old fashioned face to face (or screen to screen during covid) conversation – you can’t beat it. You get a feel for the people behind the agency and it makes it easier to make that all important decision.

Go into this meeting knowing exactly what you want out of hiring an agency. Whether that is boosting sales, social growth, increased brand awareness, generating leads – knowing what your goals are can help you find the perfect fit.

Client testimonials

It’s good to find our what other brands they work with. Do they have a speciality?

Some agencies will have an “industry” they tend to stick to; whether that’s the fashion industry, health and well being or the hospitality sector. Look at the other brands they have worked with, and don’t be shy to ask the agency for results.

Something as generic as “we increased their leads,” “we managed to grow their social channels.” is great but it doesn’t tell you much. We would say something like “We increased their growth in Facebook ROAS by 1,200% in Q1 2020 V Q1 2019.” Or “We helped increase their Facebook Ads revenue by 113% in Q4 2019 v Q3 2019.” (Sound impressive? These are our real statistics by the way.)

Asking questions is good. Get into the nitty gritty details, that way you will be able to see a real example of how the agency has helped their previous clients grow.
And, by asking these sorts of questions you could also discover a different approach, open up a talking point and find a new way in which the agency could help you.

Do they offer a bespoke made to measure service?

If you get even a hint of a one size fits all approach run for the hills. Nobody wants an ill-fitting strategy that sort of bends to your brand. You want an agency that is going to take the time to get to know your business. They should delve deep into ad metrics, current figures and targets, to be able to offer you the best possible package or advice.

What you don’t want is an agency that jumps at the chance to work with any and every brand, even though it may not be right.

At the Graygency we will never promise you something we can’t deliver, if we don’t think it’s the right fit we’ll guide you in a better direction.

Is what they are offering realistic?

We hate to break this to you but an agency that is going to sell you the world and offer it you by tomorrow is probably lying. Of course we want you to be enthusiastic, optimistic and exited about the prospect of growth, but don’t fall into the trap of believing something that is out of this world impossible. The fact is business growth doesn’t happen over night. It takes weeks and months of testing and trialling to find that sweet spot for your business.

You need to strike a balance between a realistic time frame but working with an agency that is right for you.

Working with the right agency can open up doors that seemed too far out of reach. We take out the leg work and use strategies that WILL work for your business.

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