Amazing Facebook Statistics to Inspire Your Campaign

You don’t have to be a marketing wiz to know that Facebook is a pretty big deal.

As a platform for connecting with your customers (and potential leads), Facebook is packed full of opportunity. It’s the biggest social media platform in the world. Plus, the Facebook team are always spoiling their customers with a bunch of new promotional methods.

If you’re still trying to figure out whether Facebook might be a useful tool for your team, a few impressive numbers might get you moving in the right direction.

We’ve rounded up some of the most basic Facebook statistics that push you in the right direction.

Let’s take a look.

Facebook has more than 2.6 billion active users

Every month, more than 2.6 billion people browse Facebook, searching for cat pictures, family updates, and information on their favorite brands.

Facebook was the first social media platform to surpass 1 billion active users. Plus, although the channel has had a few blips from time to time – it’s user count steadily trends upwards.

It helps that Facebook owns some of the other major social platforms that today’s consumers love too. For instance, Facebook is also responsible for Instagram and WhatsApp.

No other platform offers you this much reach.

Facebook is the World’s Third-Most Popular Website

Being the biggest social media platform in the world is a big deal. But let’s face it – there are tons of websites out there that have nothing to do with social media.

Despite all the retail and news sites available today, Facebook is also the third most-visited website online. It falls just behind YouTube and Google. The lesson? 1 in 3 people head to Facebook whenever they log onto the web.

In certain parts of the world, the impact of Facebook is even bigger. For instance, 71% of American adults are active on Facebook.

Even more impressive? 74% of Facebook users log in every day. So three-quarters of your potential audience is constantly checking up for more updates from your company. Another 51% of users say that they log in several times every day.

74% of High-Income Earners are on Facebook

So Facebook is the most widely used platform in the world. That’s great – but only if the leads you’re getting are high in quality.

Fortunately, Pew Research tells us that Facebook is also the preferred social network of high-income earners. 74% of people earning more than $75,000 per year use Facebook. The only social channel that has a higher reach with this group is YouTube.

The earning potential of your Facebook audience is pretty essential when you’re planning your budget and predicting ROI. Fortunately, around 15% of US social media users rely on Facebook for shopping. That’s worth considering when you’re scheduling the right blend of high-value social posts.

Facebook Audiences Are Very Diverse

The sheer size of Facebook’s audience means that it’s easy to find the perfect target market for your product or service. Whether you’re in the beauty or education industry, you can target your campaigns to reach the people most likely to buy from you.

Around 83% of parents access Facebook and “friend” their children. Plus, you can even find older shoppers on Facebook, with seniors on the platform growing at an incredible rate.

Plus, every day, Facebook adds 500,000 new users. That means that your audience is always growing and evolving.

The key to attracting the right audience on Facebook is knowing how to target your customers and knowing what those customers are looking for.

For instance, around 45% of users say they get their news from their Facebook feed. If you want to avoid annoying your clients with too much excessive promotion, then sharing updates about your business, niche, or industry could be a good bet.

You Can Have a Global Reach on Facebook

The US might be one of the countries most enamored with Facebook, but it’s far from the country with the most significant number of users. Facebook is most prevalent in India.

If you look at Facebook usage figures around the world, it’s easy to see that this social platform is the perfect way to connect with your audience wherever you are. Virtually every country on earth has some connection to Facebook.

Plus, with the incredible targeting tools that the platform offers, you can even narrow your advertising down to the smallest local niche.

Few marketing platforms give you the same amount of control over who you reach out to than Facebook. That’s probably why there are around 140 million businesses already active on Facebook.

It’s also why you need to make sure that you have the right strategy for your campaign before you start spending any money!

There’s More than One Place to Get Attention on Facebook

One of the things that makes Facebook so appealing as a marketing platform is its versatility. Promoting ads on newsfeed is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. You can even schedule posts in advance to ensure that you reach the right people at the right times.

However, since Facebook users spend around 40 minutes on average each day on the platform, you might want to consider what they’re doing besides checking their newsfeed.

Posting ads on Facebook Live and Messenger will help you to reach customers that spend less of their day on the newsfeed, and more time exploring other locations.

You could also consider getting involved with Facebook Groups. Around 1.4 billion people use this feature today. The research reveals that users are even open to seeing branded and promotional posts on Groups – as long as they’re valuable.

The Cost of Facebook Ads is Decreasing

No-one wants to burn ad spend, right?

If you’re going to be promoting your business on Facebook, you need to check that you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck. Fortunately, the price of ads on Facebook is falling. In 2019, the cost of an ad fell by around 4%.

That means that you have more opportunities to compete with the 90 million small businesses already active on Facebook. Remember, only 24.6% of those companies are using paid media to stand out. That gives you an edge over the competition if you use paid promotion.

Remember, just because it’s less expensive to create an ad like the one above on Facebook, doesn’t mean that the campaigns are any less valid.

The number of ad impressions earned on Facebook rose by 33% in the last year. Additionally, conversion rates are increasing too. The average Facebook user now clicks on up to 11 ads every month.

Facebook Ads Drive Measurable Results

One of the reasons we love Facebook advertising so much here at the Graygency, is that it drives results you can see. For instance, Facebook accounts for around 80.4% of US social referrals to eCommerce sites.

In other words, getting active on Facebook increases your chances of more interactions on your website too. Facebook is also particularly valid at driving results from visual ads.

Facebook earns around 40% of all the annual digital display advertising in the world. That means that Facebook is more influential than Google for display advertising.

It’s also more effective in many cases to use Facebook for promotion if you’re trying to attract a mobile audience. 94% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile.

Video Content is Earning More Attention

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of different ways to advertise on Facebook. You can position your campaigns on Messenger or reach out to clients through Facebook Groups. It’s also worth experimenting with different content styles.

Images like this are great:

However, Facebook fans are starting to pay more attention to video and Stories. Compared to status posts, photo posts, and link posts, HootSuite found that video content gets the most engagement.

You do need to be cautious about how you produce your videos, though. Around 85% of customers will view your clips without sound. Make sure that you can get your message across in silence if you need to. Captions can help with this.

Demand for Facebook is Growing

Even in a world with countless other social media channels, from TikTok to Instagram – people still love Facebook. It’s the most prominent social media site on the web, and it’s excellent for connecting brands and products to people. Around 78% of American consumers say that they find retail items they want to buy through Facebook.

While all of these stats are an excellent way to discover the value of Facebook for your team, don’t forget to do your own research too. No statistics are more important than the ones you discover by evaluating and optimizing your own social media campaign.

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