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Scale new customer acquisition through Paid Social, sustaining efficient blended nCPA.

The solution

After auditing Lick’s Paid Social Campaigns, we found that the strategy at the time mainly targeted returning and engaging customers and needed a structure that aligned with the brand’s focus on New Customer Acquisition. 

To address this, we restructured the Paid Social Funnel, focusing on Upper Funnel optimized campaigns with clear audience testing frameworks. This allowed us to reach new audiences while scaling efficiently. We also analyzed historical creative performance to guide Lick on effective creative types and formats for testing.

We established a testing framework to measure the incrementality of each campaign using client-owned attribution models. This provided clear insights into which ads and creatives drove new customer acquisition. Recognizing the importance of diverse creative content for performance at scale, we integrated with Lick’s creative team and set up weekly Creative Performance meetings. We implemented The Graygency Creator Science Naming Convention on the platform and utilized third-party tools to enhance reporting capabilities. This advanced system enabled us to report on creative attributes at scale, surpassing built-in tools and simplifying the identification of successful creatives and scaling variations.

Our strategic restructuring, focusing on new customer acquisition, and enhanced reporting significantly optimised Lick’s paid social campaigns, unlocking the brand’s ability to scale using Meta as a key New Customer Acquisition Tool. This led to a 66% increase in New customer acquisition YoY, with a 7.5% decrease in Cost per New Cost Per acquisition. Our partnership drove growth and provided Lick with the tools and strategies for sustained success in their paid social efforts.


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The Client

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Oliver Champion

Oliver Champion

Paid-social specialist