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Form Nutrition is an innovative health and wellness company specialising in the development and distribution of premium, plant-based nutritional supplements.

With a commitment to quality and integrity, Form Nutrition a B-Corp company combines cutting-edge research with sustainable practices to create products that promote overall well-being and fitness.

Form partnered with The Graygency to advance their paid media new customer acquisition efforts using our Creator-Science service and Paid Media expertise.

Form’s main objective was to develop their US market and grow market share outside of the United Kingdom.

Our challenge was simple:

– Drive new customer acquisition.
– Grow the brand in International markets.
– Create a content creation framework that drives scalable results.


The solution

Our work began with an in-depth audit of Form’s Paid-Social account structure, during this process we quickly identified a number of opportunities lay in running a simplified account structure and leveraging Meta’s machine learning capabilities.

As our main KPI’s were focussed on new customer acquisition, it was important to direct the majority of testing and activation budgets in this area.

With the improved structure, we implemented our testing protocol for both audience and creative in-platform with a focus on nCAC (New customer acquisition cost), the team then built out custom reporting dashboards to track the impact of our efforts on this data point over daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly time frames for visibility and accountability. Our data team then began to run analysis on which metrics were consistently present in high performing tests, this allowed us to be efficient with budgets and also maximise opportunities.

The most significant breakthroughs with the account came through our “Creator Science” methodology.

Our system identified a common thread amongst the brand’s most successful creative assets, we then relayed that information on to our internal design team and Form’s production agency.
The focus was clear, there was a requirement to test a variety of phrasing and hook’s around a core value proposition.

Our creative team then built videos tailored to three distinct themes, testing four different angles within each theme.

We then took a methodological approach to testing each hypotheses, analysing the ensuing data and reporting back to all creative teams to ensure a successful knowledge transfer.

This approach enabled us to find core messages to improve platform performance and thereby allowing us to continually scale the account month on month.





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The Client

“Working with the team at The Graygency has been great, they integrate well with our team, communicate and report well all while providing insight into performance with a deep understanding across all channels and a structured approach to creative, testing and scaling.” Damian Soong, Form Nutrition


Meet the team

Jacob Johennessen

Jacob Johannessen

Paid-social specialist

Tobias Filt

Tobias Filt

PPC specialist

Shade Schutze

Shade Schutze

Digital Designer

Marthinus Kirsten

Motion graphic designer