AANKL – Paid Social

Our primary objective was to implement an omnichannel strategy to efficiently clear warehouse stock while simultaneously establishing brand advertising to drive long-term brand and revenue growth.

The solution

Incorporating channels: To broaden targeting capabilities and ensure a robust cash flow before the peak season, we introduced paid social channels to their marketing setup.

Given their heavy reliance on retention audiences, our primary focus was on building an effective Top of Funnel setup, laying the groundwork for a sustainable and continuous brand growth strategy.

Full funnel strategy: As engagement levels rose, we created a well-structured funnel to enhance brand awareness. This not only supported the current revenue stream but also lays the foundation for a long-term brand recognition strategy.

Despite the broader targeting approach, we achieved an impressive 2% increase in conversion rate through a tailored customer journey.

Developing a distinctive tone of voice: At the brand’s request, we aided in establishing their ‘online tone of voice’.
Employing an ongoing test and learn approach, we built a testing matrix that ultimately received enough data to determine specific brand elements in their advertising strategy that resonated well with their core audiences.

(Inventory tracker: By using our proprietary inventory tracking system, we were able to sell through products and quickly adjust our ad campaigns when the tool reported lower stock levels.)


Growth Y.O.Y


Increase In Orders Y.O.Y


Average Roas


The Client

“Our collaboration with The Graygency has been excellent, we have been so impressed by the insight they have brought to our marketing team.
The Graygency are great at using their experience to guide us through building a brand while chasing short term targets.
Our numbers and performance have been reaching new levels since their integration into the team”.

Meet the team

Jacob Johennessen

Jacob Johannessen

Paid-social specialist