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An innovative powerhouse in health and wellness, UK-based juice and smoothie brand EXALT pride themselves on being unapologetically themselves with convenience, quality and raw nutrition at the forefront.With a commitment to quality and uncomplicating nutrition, EXALT combines expert dietitian research with sustainable practices to create products that promote overall well-being and betterment.

With a brand personality as big as EXALT’s, our job as their email marketing partner was to become an extension of their already-established voice, elevating their email performance and new customer acquisition using our expert team of designers, copywriters and email marketing specialists.

As an EXALT partner, we sought out to:

  • Increase deliverability
  • Decrease spam/unsubscribe rates
  • Grow the email list with various lead generation strategies
  • Create unique, brand-led content week on week
  • Increase attributed revenue to 35>%

The solution

As a company still in its infancy when our partnership began, our work started with an in-depth audit of EXALT’s Klaviyo account structure.

During this process we quickly identified a number of opportunities lay in refining flow work, creating a house style and segmenting sends for more measurable results. As with any company, young or long-established, establishing core email flows is key for both customer acquisition and retention. With these segments set up, we implemented our new sending protocol for measuring campaign deliverability and performance in Klaviyo with a focus on increasing open rate, click rate and revenue whilst decreasing spam and unsubscribe rates.

The team then further segmented to exclude DNO (Did not open) customers from the majority of sends, in order to prevent skewing of deliverability and poor reputation amongst inbox providers. Our design team continues to innovate EXALT flows and campaigns week-on-week with exciting, innovative designs and a direct focus on showcasing the account’s naturally candid voice, accessible click-through points and cutting edge AI and asset-based imagery.

Our monthly cleansing process also includes removal of any outdated, low attribution flows to ensure minimised unnecessary account spend and highlighting areas for development. We pride ourselves on creating outstanding emails to truly set EXALT apart from outdated industry standards.

With a combined goal to establish a cohesive design style and drive online revenue, we collaborated with the EXALT team to create cohesive, performance-driven email Welcome flows, Post-Purchase, Product Replenishment and more. Based on the hypothesis that a refined look and cohesive structure increases deliverability and performance, we continue to see growth month on month.

Furthermore, we focus on continuous A/B testing and data analysis to ensure that every detail of every email sent is in both the customer and the account’s best interest, analysing the data from these tests to create a replicable formula and apply it to future emails going forward. This adaptable, measurable methodology enables us to locate individual areas needed to improve email performance and thereby allowing us to target such areas with a considered, thought-out approach.

The Client

“After trying 5 different agencies and investing a lot of time and effort, we are thrilled to have found The Graygency. The team are responsive, great at comms and genuinely care for our brand. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership!”

Charlie Wilson-Vaughan, Founder

Meet the team

Shade Schutze

Shade Schutze

Digital Designer

Ellie Burton

Ellie Burton

Email marketing specialist